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Her big submissive is treated to a view below Her in the toilet chair. She spoon feeds him pussy cream and his cock responds even though his balls are strung up to the ceiling. She continues to torment his sore nipples and then swings down to sit on him and apply the tower of pain to stretch them out. She face sits him and gives him a taste of Her ass while he roars into Her hole as She tightens the nipple clamps. She produces a long red whip and focuses Her attention on his bound balls.
Nipple torment begins as Jade uses Her stiletto to make slave friendly yelp. She climbs up on top of the huge submissive and feeds him Her feet, jumping up and down on him. She moves the toilet chair in place and informs him of what he might see. Cutaway to Her relieving Herself as slave Spartacus narrates. She takes a long piss as you observe below Her gaping pussy hole. Finally drained, slave Spartacus is used as toilet paper.
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