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Naughty schoolgirls Claire and Nikki have been caught smoking, and Mr. David wants to deal with it by putting the girls over his knee and spanking their bare bottoms. Unfortunately for him the girls realise he is only out for one thing - a nice close look at their sexy asses - and decide to give him a much closer look than he expected by pinning him down and sitting on his face! Poor Mr. David does not stand a chance against these two strong rebels and is forced to endure the most humiliating experience as his face is sat on by the two young blonde beauties. Great facesitting action including lots of full weight and double full weight sitting as the girls show Mr. David who is really in control of the school!

Facesitting Bitches is a site set up by a group of UK based girls, who all have many years experience in the facesitting and smothering scene. We are all big fans of facesitting and smothering and have therefore decided to produce our own videos on this very subject.

This site will be entirely dedicated to the facesitting theme. This means hours and hours of the finest facesitting and smothering videos around. We strive to produce the finest videos, using multiple cameras during filming and professional editing techniques – something that is sadly lacking on much of the content available on the internet.